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UK-based artist Robin Wight uses stainless steel wire to form stunning, dynamic sculptures of winged fairies dancing in the wind.

Holy frelling Valen on a pogo stick.

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Ravenclaw: Do it once you’ve gathered enough relevant information.
Hufflepuff: Do it with integrity.
Slytherin: Do it on your own terms.

Gryffindor: Do it for the vine.

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mostly nature


mostly nature

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I love when the supermarket sweet talks me.


I love when the supermarket sweet talks me.

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Post Apocalyptic Disney Princesses at Torucon 2014 

This is just a few of the amazing girls we had in our group!

Jasmine - Batbunny Cosplay
Merida - Studio Eevia
Pocahontas - Eirin
Aurora - Timeforlemontea
Snow White - Blitzhellion Cosplay
Mulan - Ramona
Ariel - Starbit Cosplay
Elsa - Santatory

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I lie there and wait, and remind myself over and over that it doesn’t last forever. That there will be another day and after that, yet another day. One of those days, I’ll get up and eat breakfast and feel okay.
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